DC-Woodworks was created based on the thrill of design, the challenge of precision, and the satisfaction of building not only wooden treasures to be enjoyed by multiple generations, but of building lasting positive relationships with our clients. So the answer to the question, "who are we?" can easily be summed up in three words:

Design - Precision - Satisfaction.

DESIGN - "If you fail to plan...plan to fail"
Converting an intangible idea into a tangible piece of functional art takes preparation and planning. The word "design" has a vast array of meanings and interpretations. At DC-Woodworks we view this term as a mixture of form and function. The piece must first of all be functional: properly fulfilling its purpose. Secondly, it must have an appealing form. A piece of woodwork is as much an artistic piece as it is a utility piece for its purpose. When one thinks of "art" as a wood piece, it is common to think of a contemporary, abstract piece. Woodworking is an art in itself, so even if the work is a more traditional, straightforward end table...there is artistry in its creation.

A proper design results in a final product that meets the project criteria with no surprises. The client is able to have a clear understanding of exactly what the product will look like as well as the building methods and materials to be used. Because of this preparation process, we are able to offer by request a perfectly scaled model of the design so that the client could hold a smaller version of the work in their hands and make sure it is exactly what they desire.

PRECISION - "Measure twice...cut once"
The goal of perfection is a lifetime journey. We aim to hone our skills with every single project that we create, making each piece better than the one before. The complexity or scope of the project does not determine the level of accuracy in its construction. Every cut, joint, and finish is treated as if it were the absolute most crucial piece of the entire construction. The precision of our products is achieved by using our unique design mentality. By the time any project makes it to the build floor, the design has been thoroughly evaluated and approved. Exact angles, lengths, and locations of assemblies have already been established.

SATISFACTION - "It is going to be right, guaranteed!"
Complete satisfaction with your project is guaranteed. Feel assured that working with DC-Woodworks will be a pleasing and exciting venture that will most likely be as rewarding as the final product itself. We concentrate and listen to all your ideas and thoughts working hand in hand through the design process to make certain that the final product is exactly what you're looking for. We also understand that as life changes and so do design thoughts and feelings. If the design or project needs to be modified we will work our hardest to accommodate the project change order. Bottom line, it is our goal to make sure you have the most pleasing experience throughout the process of designing, building, and receiving your personally crafted work of wooden art.